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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back and better than ever

After a lengthy vacation, the SportsBlender is plugged in and ready to blend.

Can you believe someone actually offered Mike Vick a shoe deal. I mean c'mon you think that the second Nike wanted nothing to do with him, no one else would either.
But I guess that proves Mike is still a commodity. I thought shoe execs would be smarter. But I guess that proves the business savvy of the people at "Hush Puppies."

But that can be no worse than younger brother Marcus. His NFL career never really amounted to much. But nevertheless he found work. He is now a cheerleading coach at Bringham Young University and a spokesman for SONY camcorders.

Did any one really get the Bringham Young joke?

You stay classy sportsblender!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Life without the Rocket

In a sports story that has dominated the headlines all over the country, except for my local newspaper that ran with NASCAR, (Yes, I am in a cultural wasteland.)Roger Clemens signed a deal with the Devil once again. I would have said he sold his soul, but I don't think you can sell it twice can you? Or maybe Roger's journey is kind of like that Simpson's episode where Homer sells his soul for a doughnut, but doesn't quite finish it. Thus not finishing the deal with the Devil. He just put the forbidden doughnut in his "fridge" surrounded by post-it notes saying, "Do Not Eat!" Though temptation was still there and Homer ate the doughnut while sleep walking. Homer would then be put on trial by the Devil, who happened to be Ned Flanders(Okily Dokily?). Homer's trial would be heard by a group of his peers, "The Jury of the Damned." Those jurors included: John Wilkes Booth, Benedict Arnold, Richard Nixon (who was still alive at the time), and the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers front line.

Climatic television at it pinnacle!

Roger did not sell his soul the first time around with the Yankees. He actually saved face by becoming a "family man" and going home to Houston. Sure he only showed up when he wanted to, but Rocket's decision to play not just for the money but to be home more gave us hope in Roger. However when the Rocket signed the dotted line on Sunday, he finished what he started and ate the last morsel of the forbidden doughnut!

He will now be judged by baseball's jury of the damned. The jury includes:

Victor Conte, owner of BALCO who has single handily screwed up baseball. Do you think Conte knew as a child that he would be Major League Baseball's Anti-Christ? You would figure that Victor would use some of the products himself, right?
I think Joe Pesci or even Danny DeVito would destroy him in a street fight. Heck throw in Verne Troyer too. Whoa, this sounds like the making of a Fox Special, "Celebrity 'Small People' Royal Rumble." The only problem would be instead of elimination by being thrown OVER the top rope, you would have to be thrown UNDER the bottom rope. Man, I need to pitch this idea somewhere! We could have interference by Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis. Mugsy Bogues and Spud Webb could be a tag team. Ok ... I gotta move on here, I'm getting a headache!

Steve Bartman, infamous Cubs fan who may have cost the Cubs the National League title. Of course Cub fans will blame Bartman for their collapse and dropping 2 straight games to the eventual Champion Florida Marlins. Other fans were reaching for the ball too. Anyone will say, "Oh man, I would've gotten out of the way! What a jerk!" Just shut up! If a ball were coming into the first row of the stands 96% of fans would want that ball and try to catch it. 2% would be too drunk to notice. 1% would be that person who really doesn't like baseball or understand it; they just got the ticket "for the experience," and the final 1% would be those idiots who leave their seats [DURING THE GAME] to go use the bathroom. Stop blaming Bartman!

The "Chicago White Trash" combo, William Ligue Jr and his 15 year old,"Redneck Jr." jumped KC Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa at a White Sox game in 2002. Ok, covered in tats, drunk, no shirt,a mullet, and wearing black denim jeans, Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! (notice the punch that is about to be landed on this guy. I remember seeing this on SportsCenter, I think he got spiked too!)

The next juror is former Yankee Third basemen Aaron Boone. You know I am sure he is great guy who loves his family, but I'm not a fan. In 2003, he took an extra inning knuckleball deep in to the New York night, propelling the "Pinstripes" to the World Series. A pain that would haunt me until the Sox would avenge this defeat in 4 straight ALCS games the following season. He's a juror because I am a bitter, bitter man!

And the foreman of this "Jury of the Damned" is "The Boss," George Steinbrenner. Do I dislike him because he owns the Yankees? Sure! But unlike most Boston fans, this is not my main reason for not liking the good ol' George. It is well known that despite numerous injuries to their pitching staff, the Yankees are not off to a very "Yankeesque" start. But after the Yankees dropped yet another series, at home, to the Boston Red Sox, George was quoted as saying that perhaps a change needed to be made. That change was Manager Joe Torre. Now, I am not saying that Torre is the World's Greatest Manager, anyone can win with a 200 million dollar payroll, but someone needs to keep all of the egos in check. Torre is that guy. The Yankees love to play for him and he loves to manage his club. The idea the Steinbrenner would even leak firing Torre is why regular people, who know baseball, hate the Yankees.

Ok, let's talk about Roger ....

You know, when I arrived at work today, I was waiting for it. I was expecting one my friends to approach me and say, "So, uh what do you think about Clemens?" And, of course, it happened. As my friend asked the question, I saw it in his eyes. I saw the anticipation, he was waiting for just that right moment when I would noticeably squirm and try to make up an excuse as to why I wasn't mad that Clemens signed in New York. He wanted to see me fall to my knees, lay in fetal position and cry, "Why Rocket, WHY????" And like clockwork, that time came.

As a baseball fan, I wanted Clemens to wear his old #21 and retire where he should have spent his entire career, Beantown baby .. YEAH BEANTOWN! As a Red Sox fan, I wanted Roger Clemens to take his spot on the greatest pitching staff in the history of mankind! Imagine a rotation of Clemens, Schilling, Beckett, Dice K and Jon Lester. Protected by a bullpen of Wakefield, Taverez, Donnelly, Romero, Timlin, Chad Cordero (There is NO WAY he is staying in DC) and the best closer in baseball, Jonathan Papelbon. Wow. But, that's not what happened. So what do we do? We keep winning games, we take 2 out of 3 from New York every time and we stay healthy!

The oft outspoken Curt Schilling said, ""It would have been nice to have him, but we didn't need him. We don't need him." From the eyes of a Generic General Manager [me] standpoint, I am glad we didn't get him. A prorated salary of 4.5 Mil a month is freaking crazy! That basically means $10,000 per pitch, $5000 per bullpen session, and $1000 per use of the restroom. Besides, currently the Red Sox starters rank 2nd in the AL in ERA and the bullpen is 2nd as well. And I am going to predict this right now, the Red Sox will make a move in July/August if the pitching becomes thin. Maybe they will add Chad Cordero or maybe a number of potential free agents.

I just hope all of the Yankee fans out there realize that Roger Clemens is not your Savior. Even though he has this "Hero Complex" thing going on he cannot do it alone.The Yankees Big 3 outfielders [Damon,Matsui,Abreu] are batting a combined .258 and the way things are going now, your bullpen will have no gas left in the tank come July 1. Furthermore Yankee fans, please don't whine and cry about your injury problems, the AL East Pennant was going to fly in Boston after last season until injuries got in the way! So Yankee fans you can cry loud enough for the world to hear. You can write a song about it a la Justin Timberlake when Brit was cheating on him ... we don't care. Because you are Timberlake and we are the dude Brittany is seeing on the side.

As for you Rocket, we'll see how you do in your first start, Saturday June 2 at Fenway Park against Curt Schilling and the Boston Red Sox. However, if I were Francona and Theo, I would start Jon Lester. Because a comeback from cancer rather than being a comeback drama queen is far more impressive!

You stay classy Sportsblender,

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A week away ...

I haven't posted a new blog in a few days. I had 2 brand new ones to post a week ago yesterday. However due to the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I failed to post them.

As most Americans, I sat last week in disbelief. I sat in silence. I sat in mourning of 32 people I have never met.

I have lived in Virginia for almost 5 years now. I know a few people who go to Tech. I have been to Tech for a few football games. Though I directly have no ties with the University; only a mere t shirt I wore to the Tech/Miami game 2 seasons ago.

However, as an "educator" and as a father I watched the events unfold on my laptop as well as on my television. Is this the world that my 18 month old daughter Briley will have to grow up in? Will I nervously remember Virginia Tech and Columbine every day as I kiss her goodbye? Or will that day be the last that I see Lindsay, as we both work in public schools.

As I tried to keep pace with any new information that was coming out of Blacksburg something arose out of the ashes of the deadliest school shooting in American History. Something that defined us as a country. Something that proved to the world once and for all, why the United States of America can not and will never be broken.

What arose from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix ... Hope.

When your world is falling apart. When the very foundation your life sits upon begins to crumble and the ground you are standing upon begins to break away; all you have is hope.

32 lives were senselessly taken away. No one can truly speculate why. The most brilliant of psychologist cannot explain why a student would go on this rampage.
And no one will ever truly know the toll this will take on each individual family affected, even the family of the shooter.

But there is hope.

On Friday April 20, 2007, on the 8th Anniversary of the Columbine shootings, these United States of America once again would rise to the occasion. In a show of support from California to Maine, people everywhere were Hokies. In an act that will go down in American History, business men put their 3 piece suits in the closet instead choosing maroon and orange, teachers put away their ties instead choosing maroon and orange, and college students everywhere put away their school colors instead choosing maroon and orange. On that day we were one. We were united. We were Virginia Tech.

April 21 was to be a great day on the Blacksburg campus. As football fans would get their first glimpse of the 2007-2008 Hokie football team. However, Head Football Coach Frank Beamer cancelled the scrimmage saying that athletics is the last thing on his mind as well as the students minds. Though in an emotional showing of compassion, the Hokie Nation found itself in State College,PA., about 500 miles away from it's Blacksburg home. Instead of lighting up the stands of Lane Stadium in a brilliant array of maroon and orange, Beaver Stadium became the canvas for this masterpiece.

In a tribute that many sports fans will forever hold dear, the Penn State student section were in full "maroon effect." A university that proudly supports it's Nitany Lions wearing Blue and white, created a moment that would make anyone proud to be a fan of collegiate sports.

Will I get back to my snide comments about the Yankees? Yes

Will I second guess every move my Washington Redskins make? Yes

Will I continue to support Barry Bonds? Yes

Will I continue to predict the Pirates as a contender? Yes

Will I ever forget the compassion shown throughout this country toward Virginia Tech? Never

Famed poet and Tech Professor, Nikki Giovanni said it best,

"We are Virginia Tech.

We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning.

We are Virginia Tech.

We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again.

We are Virginia Tech.

We do not understand this tragedy. We know we did nothing to deserve it, but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by the rogue army, neither does the baby elephant watching his community being devastated for ivory, neither does the Mexican child looking for fresh water, neither does the Appalachian infant killed in the middle of the night in his crib in the home his father built with his own hands being run over by a boulder because the land was destabilized. No one deserves a tragedy.

We are Virginia Tech.

The Hokie Nation embraces our own and reaches out with open heart and hands to those who offer their hearts and minds. We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid. We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are alive to the imaginations and the possibilities. We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness.

We are the Hokies.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We are Virginia Tech."

To this day, I am still not totally sure what a Hokie really is but nevertheless,


You stay classy Sportsblender,

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 MORE YEARS .....

Tuesday Texas "frosh phenom" Kevin Durant declared that he was going to forgo his final 3 years of college and enter the NBA draft. This announcement was as stunning a revelation as the fact that Howard K. Stern is not Anna Nicole's "baby daddy." However, the status of Ohio State big man Greg Oden is not as clear. NBA Execs are foaming at the mouth at these 2 "future franchises." Many will never admit it but some teams appear to be tanking just, in hopes that their ping pong ball will be either pick #1 or pick #2. Players like Boston's Paul Pierce is now out for the remainder of the season with an elbow problem, uhhhh right. Other players from teams not located in Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Detroit and Miami may want to consider feeding their players recalled Peanut Butter as well as have them on asbestos duty around their arena.

However teams may have to play and try harder to lose, because I believe Ohio State big man Greg Oden should remain in college. Thus making the #1 the only "sure fired" thing. Though I know that staying in Columbus is a very, very hard sell for Thad Motta as well as the Ohio State Boosters. (Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that the OSU Boosters will try to sweeten the deal for Oden by giving him money, shoes, cars, outfits, or a luxury home for his family or any of the other perks that the USC Boosters give their players. Ooops, I said too much.)I know that the NBA is very alluring, especially for a "kid." You have the fame and the fortune at your finger tips. Everything Greg ever dreamed of as a 6'1" first grader is looking at him!! Do you make the jump? Do you get that guaranteed money? Do you look forward to signing a shoe deal worth $20 million like Durant soon will? Or do you stay in college? Instead of a swank NBA Hotel, do you stay in a dorm room? Instead of fine dining, do you settle for whatever that thing is in the cafeteria? If nothing more, history will tell us to stay in college!

In many ways, you can compare Greg Oden to San Antonio F/C Tim Duncan, "The Big Fundamental." In college, Duncan was a raw talent just as Oden is today. However, he knew that there was plenty of room for improvement. He knew that on the next level, he would face athletes that were far more superior than those he dominated in college. Duncan's level of play more than doubled during his 4 years in college. During his Senior season he carried his Demon Deacons to an ACC Championship as well as deep into the tournament in March. He averaged 11 more points during his senior season compared to his freshman year. He also grabbed 5 more rebounds and attained leadership abilities. He would then become the number one draft pick by the San Antonio Spurs and join David Robinson. How did that all work out? He know dominates every night as he did at Wake.

Greg Oden should be the #1 pick in this June's NBA draft. However, if he wants to be great when he gets there instead of eventually becoming great, he will be a Buckeye again! Remember he has yet to play an entire season. His injured wrist kept him out of action until mid December and after that he still wasn't at 100% .. scary!

Is Oden a sure lock to be dominant? Perhaps. But why not hone your skills and then take it to "the league?" However are there ever really any true locks?
If so, what happened to:

Joe Smith:
The number 1 overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in 1995. He was drafted ahead of Rasheed Wallace(4), Kevin Garnett(5), and Michael Finley(21).

Pervis Ellison:
Pervis was the top overall selection by the Sacramento Kings in 1989. He was drafted ahead of Sean Elliot(3), Tim Hardaway(14), and Shawn Kemp(17).

LaRue Martin:
LaRue was the first overall pick by the Portland Trailblazers in 1972. However, the Blazers were not the only idiots. In fact the top 11 teams failed to draft a young man by the name of Julius Erving.

Rick Robey:
He was the third overall selection in 1978, being drafted by the Indianapolis Pacers.
Unfortunately for the Pacers, they forgot about their native son from French Lick. With the sixth pick, the Boston Celtics would select Indiana State star Larry Bird.

Michael Olowokandi:
"The Kandi Man" was the top pick in 1998 by the Los Angeles Clippers. He was drafted ahead of Mike Bibby(2),Antawn Jamison(4), Vince Cater(5), Dirk Nowitzki(9), and Paul Pierce(10).

And who could forget Sam Bowie:
The second overall pick by the Portland Trailblazers in 1984. Sam was chosen ahead of Michael Jordan(3) and Charles Barkley(5). Years after the draft, Trailblazers GM Stu Inman said that if given the same choice he would again pick Sam Bowie. I believe the term to use here is denial.

So I guess there really is no such thing as lock to be the superstar in the NBA, but when it comes to Oden and Durrant, the odds are very high!

You stay classy Sportsblender!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ode to Oden

Last week I was on vacation. I week of Lindsay, Briley and myself. I decided to go back to my roots. I decided to go low-tech, I was staying away from the lap top as well as the world wide web altogether! Even though I am truly not going back the basics. I guess you can't say you're low tech when you are watching the TV via a 7 foot projection screen accompanied by a surround sound home theatre system. Regardless, the cell phone is muted, the lap top is in it's case, the e-mails are piling up and I am loving life!

What a week of sports!

Baseball's opening day.
Schilling gets bombed in Kansas City. Barry homers in his first game. The Yankees unveil their Opening Day starter, Carl Pavano (enter laugh track here). Jose Reyes will set the single season triple record this week. The Pirates look like last year's Tigers. Tampa Bay is full of tomorrow's superstars!
And finally Sammy Sosa is back in the league and looking as if he hasn't seen his "personal trainer" in a few months. Thank you God for baseball!

NCAA Women's Championship
Pat Summitt's Vols defeated the Lady Scarlet Knights of Rutgers to win the Women's crown. However, the game has been shadowed by the statements made by Radio Host Don Imus and his producer, Bernard McGuirk. I think they both should be fired. Not just because of the comments but because they are both idiots. Any rational human being would consider the ramifications of calling an entire women's basketball team "hardcore hos" or McGuirk's thought of the two teams (the jiggabos vs. the wannabes) on a Nationally aired radio show. But America don't worry because "moral watch dogs," Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are on the case. Rest easy!

The Master's
I love watching me some golf whenever I can. I sat there and watched as players were shooting over par (finally golf I can relate to!). And I remember thinking, "Man, I could even shoot that score!" Yeah Right. If Tiger Woods was at +2 on Sunday, I would be at +17 after the first hole! It was refreshing to see a relative "nobody" Zack Johnson, being fitted for a green jacket by last year's winner Phil Mickelson. Why do I love golf?
1. I suck at it and I love a challenge.
2. Sunday, after a Tiger tee shot went hard left onto the beach, follwed by a beautiful shot out of a bunker, and with Tiger down by 3 strokes, I said, "Here comes Tiger!" Having a player such as this makes watching the game so much better.

Though just once, I want to see a player lose his cool a la Happy Gilmore. C'mon, if seeing Vijay Singh cussing out a tree wouldn't make you laugh, I feel sorry for you!

Though my top event of the week that was:

NCAA Men's National Championship game. The Ohio State University vs. Florida
This was perhaps one of the most intriguing college finals EVER. On one hand you have the ultimate "team" in Florida. Five players averaging over 10 points. On the other hand you have the Buckeyes, being lead by 2 freshmen Mike Conley Jr. and the 37 year old Greg Oden. I will be honest, I wanted OSU to beat Florida by 40. Not because I hate Florida or I am one of those idiots who dislike Joakim Noah because he isn't pleasant to look like, but because I wanted Greg Oden to show everyone that he is as dominant a player as we have seen in college basketball. During the entire tournament, people were taking shots at Oden in the media (How did that work out for you and your Memphis teammates Joey Dorsey?) However during the National Championship Oden proved 2 things:

1. He is a beast. Many call him a man-child. Dude there is nothing childlike about him. He did whatever he wanted and Al Horford and Noah could do nothing. In perhaps his final game (though he should stay, you'll read why in my next blog), Oden did everything he could to bring a title to Columbus. Greg scored 25 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 4 shots. (The block where he pinned Brewer ... wow!) Though Oden had a stong personal performance, the team performance did not make the trip from the team hotel. OSU shot 23 3 pointers and only converted on 4 of them. All while Florida (the country's best shooting team), shot 18 and hit 10 of them.

2. Oden proved why the Florida players will not be good NBA players. It is a known fact that great college teams do not produce great NBA players. Many will say, but MJ won a title and he is a great player. OK, true we will make an exception for the best player to ever touch a basketball. But c'mon the UNC teams of the early 90's.
Eric Montross, enough said. Kansas off the mid 90's. Jacque Vaughn, enough said. Duke of the early 90's, Bobby Hurley, enough said. The front court of Florida has been good this season, however how much of their success has to be attributed to the fact that there entire team can hit a 30 ft jumper!!

However, basketball is and forever will remain a team game, won by great teams. Florida played to it's strengths and exploited OSU's weaknesses. Congrats Gators! again and again!

By the way, you know that former OSU QB and Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith has got to be sick of the "Gator Chomp!" I can easily see a mental break down where he goes "Rainman" and mumbles about Chris Leak and Al Horford as he says, "Yeah definitly Gators." As he walks around his padded room doing the Gator Chomp!

You stay classy Sportsblender!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here we are a mere few days away from my New Year and I am speechless.
Is it because Papelbon is going back to the Pen? No. Is it because Ugueth Urbina got sentenced to 14 years in the Pen? No.Is it because the NFL Draft is approaching? No.Is it because PacMan Jones has been seen in handcuffs on ESPN more often than Mel Kiper has been on ESPN doing draft analysis? No.

It actually has nothing to do with sports. I am all for a good laugh. I enjoy joking and laughing and being stupid. However enough is enough. As I mentioned in my last blog, I am addicted to Reality TV. I have been watching American Idol a lot this year. Honestly, I am not sure why I care. I will never buy any CDs that the "Idols" make. I won't see them on tour. Heck, I'll forget most of their names. I can't think, for the life of me, of the name of that curly headed kid who won the first American Idol competition. I guess, there's nothing better to watch on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. But people, the joke is getting a little old. Sanjaya must go home. I bet that between the "anti-idol" website (www.votefortheworst.com), Howard Stern, the "tweenies" and the country of India (the 2nd largest population on the planet), Sanjaya is getting the majority of votes. It is kind of like Yao Ming and the All Star voting. 3 years after Yao retires, he will still receive 5 million "right in" votes from China!

This is my plea and my cry. Please let Sanjaya go home. He is horrible!!!!!
However, if Howard Stern and all of the devoted followers of www.votefortheworst.com actually have nothing else better to do with their lives, but sabotage the show. I actually feel bad for them.

Man people, get a job ... move out of Mom and Dad's garage ... quit playing Dungeons and Dragons, besides your Mom and Dad are tired of supporting you!

Is she crying because Sanjaya is a wonderful performer or has she just realized that once people see this ... she will never get a date?

Keep your eyes on the prize Jeff .....baseball, baseball, baseball!

Smile on people ...Smile on!

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Time

Wednesday night I came to a shocking revelation. It was an eye opening event that questions everything I have ever stood for. An event that my require shock treatment and admittance into the Betty Ford clinic. I have never been in rehab but I have always heard that the first step is admitting your problem. So here goes, step one. My name is Jeff and I am addicted to reality TV.

Wednesday Night I rushed home. Not for an NBA game, not to use the restroom, not to eat dinner but to watch, not one, but two reality TV shows. The first being Survivor and then I would cap the night off with the American Idol results show. Now I am not sure if you watch Survivor. When I met Lindsay, her family lured me into this cult. I am sure all of you know the premise for the show but just in case you don't allow me to paint you a picture. Survivor is a lot like MTV's The Real World. Except for the fact that CBS places contestants, from all walks of life, on a deserted island in hopes there are no tribal cannibals living on it. MTV finds a bunch of spoiled kids and puts them in a luxury filled house. This doesn't seem very real to me. Just once couldn't they do Real World Compton? I don't now what it is but we are drawn to Survivor, we talk about it at dinner, we have sent in application videos to be on the show, Lindsay's brother and I have even driven to places to do a live try outs, and 2 seasons ago we definitely played Fantasy Survivor. *sniff* I am so ashamed.

The very second Survivor went off we switched the channel to Fox. The result show was on. This was to be the night. My night of joy. The culmination of suffering. Sanjaya was going home. However, tonight would not be the night and every fiber of hope in our country was gone. Sanjaya was not even in the bottom 2. Sanjaya was yet again, safe. My joy turned to disbelief. My disbelief then turned to anger for I know how he keeps getting by. He is wicked popular with the "tweenies." The young girls of 11, 12 and 13 who mistake being a freak with being cute. So in that moment of time I made a proclamation. You see, to vote for your favorite "Idol" you need to send a text message to the show. And because the "tweenies" are keeping him on the show, they must have access to a cell phone. These are the same brats you see at the mall with cell phones. I couldn't remember my own phone number when I was that age, let alone carry a cell phone. So here is my proclamation. For every "tweenie" I see carrying a phone, I am going to punch the Daddy of this kid in the stomach. For 2 reasons, first and foremost for keeping Sanjaya on the freaking show and second for even allowing a child that young to have their own phone. What can I say, I am a public servant! However these misguided youth are not the only ones putting me through this musical Hell. There is a website formed to encourage people to vote for the "worst American Idol." If you go to www.votefortheworst.com you will find a cult following of people who are comitted to making Sanjaya Malakar the next American Idol. Add this to the nation's top "shock jock" and perhaps the ugliest man to ever have a chance at dating a super model, Howard Stern. Who has been an avid Sanjaya supporter and we could see Sanjaya win it all. Hmmm ... I wonder if there's any room in Canada, eh? (By the way, shout outs to Jeremy and Ryan for giving me some Sanjaya info.)

Though all of this talk of the "Reality world" invading my television got me to think. I believe there is one man in sports who deserves his own Reality TV Show. Not Barry, "Bonds on Bonds" kind of sucked. Hulk Hogan, "Hogan Knows Best" is kind of lame. I believe VH1 or ESPN 8 "The Ocho" heck maybe even Lifetime or as I call it, "The Estrogen Channel," needs to do a reality series on "Charlie Hustle" Pete Rose.

Last week on the Dan Patrick Show, Rose admitted that he bet on baseball. Though, I don't blame him. Pete never bet against the Reds, he bet on the Reds! I play a lot of sports. My basketball team could be playing Jesus and the 12 Disciples and I would guarantee a win. I mean c'mon, Jesus can walk on water!!! Imagine what he can do with the rock? But me and the faith I have in my team would force me to place a wager on me and my boys!I mean, of course, my team would get spanked but I think we would have a chance! I see no fault in Pete betting on the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds of the 1970's were the "Big Red Machine." They were the most dominate team of the decade, I would have bet on them too!

However, in most circles (of people who have never played ball) Pete has committed the ultimate sin. Forever shall he remain in limbo in MLB's purgatory. Never reaching the heaven that is Cooperstown, New York. When Pete retired, he retired with 19 major League baseball records. 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those records are:

Most career hits (4,256) Most games played (3,562)
Most at bats (14,053) Most career singles (3,215)
Seasons w/ 200+ hits (10) Seasons w/ 100+ hits (23)
Seasons w/ 600+ at bats (17) Seasons w/ 150+ games played (17)
Seasons w/ 100+ games played (23) Most years played (24)
Most Consecutive years played (24)Most career runs (2,156)
Most career doubles (746) Most games w/ 5+ hits (10)
Most total bases in a career by a switch hitter (5,752)
Most career games playing for the winning team (1,972)
Only player to play at least 500 games a 5 different positions (1B,2B,3B,LF,RF)
NL Record- 44 Game Hitting Streak
NL Record- Achieved 20+ consecutive game hitting streak (7 times)

The numbers speak for themselves. Pete's induction into the Hall of Fame is long overdue. Pete's window for baseball's highest honor is rapidly closing. Soon, a veteran's committee will have to get Pete in the Hall. And, no pun intended, but this will be Pete's best bet. Though, Pete's teammates will tell you that he should already be there. In many circumstances, they have been very vocal in his absence.
When Riverfront/Cinergy Field was imploded teammates spray painted the number "14" on the field, in honor of a man who gave that stadium life as well as many memories. It is fitting that the final run to ever be scored at Cinergy was made by Pete. The winning run of his annual celebrity fundraiser softball game.

There are alcoholics, adulterers, abusers, drug addicts,cheaters and jerks in the Hall of Fame. It's sad when baseball thinks it is so "high and mighty" to accept these faults but yet exclude Pete and his baggage. Should he have bet on the Reds during his playing days .. probably not. Did he go out and bust his butt and help his team win every day. You can bet on it!

PS. But don't feel bad for Petie ... he is making the best of this whole situation. You can go to www.peterose.com and buy an autographed baseball. A ball that will be inscribed to you. And on this ball, he will personally apologize to you for betting on baseball. Help Pete, help You!

Smile On People, Smile on ...